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Looking to add a unique selection of fillers to your collection? These are certainly for you!


  • Circle Fillers - 50cm total height
  • Design 1 - 60cm total height
  • Design 2 - 60cm total height
  • Design 3 - 60cm total height
  • Design 18 - 60cm total height
  • Design 29 - 72cm total height
  • Design 30 - 60cm total height
  • Design 31 - 65cm total height
  • Design 11 - 67cm total height
  • Design 32 - 75cm total height
  • Clock Fillers - 55cm total height
  • Wave Fillers - 55cm total height
  • Lotus Flower Fillers - 60cm total height
  • Y Fillers - 72cm total height


All fillers can be painted to any RAL colour (see colour chart) and manufactured using a specialist all-weather multi-plex sheet material, with aluminium base. As standard, all bases have a natural aluminium finish.


If you would like your filler bases coloured (powder coated) or you would like assistance designing a full jump, please contact us: 


(Please note: The Rainbow Filler image demonstrates the aluminium natural finish fitted as standard to fillers). 



Our products are British Manufactured and only use the best quality materials. 

All pictures belong to Valentine Show Jumps & our suppliers – please do not use these images unless you have written permission from us.

Design Cut Fillers - Aluminium Base

PriceFrom £200.00
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