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Valentine Show Jumps are renown for our bright and beautifully painted timber poles – and these will new Heartwood poles will not disappoint! If you are looking for a truly unique design, then these are for you!


You can now choose from a large range of designs as well as selecting your favourite colours to make your poles truly bespoke.  Skinny poles are 1.5m long x 100mm diameter. Please contact us if you are looking for specific length Heartwood poles, Octogen timber poles or Crosswood poles.


We recommend Protective End Caps for all poles as they do a great job at protecting the ends of your poles from getting worn over time. To add these to your pole order, please select YES by using the drop down box.

To Design Your Poles

  • Select your chosen Pole Design (see photo) - All banding can be changed to your colours
  • Select your wood stain or colour for each banding
  • Select if you would like Protective Pole Ends 
  • Select Quantity


- Select the above requirements & make note of your colour selection within Your Basket Notes. E.g. Pole 152: Aqua/White/Aqua


If you would like help designing your poles, selecting multiple designs or would like to colour match to your sponsor/ brand, please email us:



Our products are British Manufactured and only use the best quality materials. 

All pictures belong to Valentine Show Jumps & our suppliers – please do not use these images unless you have written permission from us.


Additional Information

Protective Pole Ends - All poles will now be fitted with protective pole ends to protect from chipping and transportation. If you request for no Pole Ends to be fitted, we cannot accept responsibility for damage to the poles.

Painted items - All painted items leave our us having successfully passed quality control checks including ensuring all paint has dried. As your items have been made bespoke to your order, new paint can be effected by fluctuations in temperature during the transportation period. We do advise on delivery of your poles, you leaving your poles to rest for 48 hours before unwrapping. This allows the paint and natural wood material to rest and re-bond if required. We sadly are unable to accept responsibility for tackiness or smudges during transportation or if this process is not followed. 

1.5M Skinny Timber Pole Designs

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