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Valentines Show Jumps was the wonderful creation of Christina in 2020, when she found there was little choice for bespoke, bright, colourful jumps in the equestrian world. Using her corporate business  background and equestrian passion Valentine Show Jumps rapidly started to expand.

Rebecca took over the reins in 2022 after being one of Christina's very first customer and a huge VSJ's fan. Her love and passion for show jumping runs straight through to her children, and professional experience within the show jumping  

 Valentine Show Jumps is a family run business, with the ponies very much at the centre. We understand just how important the details are and the dedication, perseverance and pure love it takes. We aim to ensure we can help


want to give you the best  customisable aluminium, plastic & wooden show jumps whilst working with riders all around the UK!

Rebecca took over in 2022 and with the help of her pony mad children Valentines Show Jumps is quickly becoming the one stop shop



We are delighted to announce Valentine Show Jumps are now a certified reseller of PolyJumps products! 

PolyJumps are one of the best plastic show jump manufacturers in Europe and have a huge variety of poles, fillers, blocks and wings to choose from. Which is perfect if you are a big fan of plastic show jumps! All items are extremely durable, crack resistant and come in a fantastic range of colours which keep their vibrancy for years to come. 

Besides a huge range of stock colour combinations, by working with Valentine Show Jumps we can design your bespoke range making your show jumps extra special! As well as our PolyJumps range we will also be offering aluminium and wooden show jumps, so through our website you will be able to mix and match your order. 


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